Types of Marketing That You Should Know!

Telemarketing is a direct marketing method in which a seller collects a number of potential customers to buy products or services over the phone. But to make telemarketer tasks more effective, companies usually use Cheap 1800 Numbers as a measuring tool to analyze consumer demand or interest in the product or service of the company. Telemarketing can also include sales of recorded programmed pitches to be played over the phone through automated calls.

Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is one of the business strategies in the internet world, the way it works is by utilizing technology to disseminate a product or service from one party to another party or commonly called a chain way, such as word of mouth. Now Viral Marketing is becoming very popular, this is because the development of technology is getting more advanced, so the product or service being promoted will spread all over the world quickly and easily without having to spend so much capital, and it turns out marketing using Viral Marketing strategy is more effective than marketing that uses advertising.

Word of mouth (WOM) Marketing
Word of mouth (WOM) or so-called word of mouth promotion has always been an interesting marketing phenomenon to talk about. Some marketers have a skeptical outlook and underestimate this kind of promotion. Though often promotion with WOM only need a small fee and does not even require a fee at all. The act of giving the right information, in the right format, to the right people will greatly affect the success of the existing public relations program. A marketing community should play a role in a medium to neutralize negative issues and straighten things out. However, one tactic cannot work for all cases. Customers and consumers are increasingly aware of the influence and tactics of existing media. They increasingly pay attention to advice and opinions only from people they trust. Increasing competition makes buyers and decision makers more troublesome in gathering as much information as possible and not having time to make their own research. Thus, today’s customers become increasingly dependent on the sources they already trust or respect to make a buying decision, plus form an opinion in their minds.