These Three Places In Arabia Have an Interesting History

Arab became the destination of Muslims from all over the world. All Muslims who come there are usually devoted to the pilgrimage. As Muslims, it is not only the obligatory Hajj but also the reading of the Qur’an. Reading the scriptures is not easy and requires regular practice. However, you are not afraid to worry, because can help you read the Qur’an properly and appropriately.

In addition to worship, many people come to Arabia to travel. If you are one of the people who come to travel, then some of these places you should not miss.

1. Mount Uhud
This mountain has a very interesting historical story. This mountain became a witness of war between the forces of Mecca and Muslims called the war Uhud.

2. Tayma
Being northwest of Saudi Arabia, Tayma is known as an oasis of great size and has a long history of settlement.

3. Hira cave
This cave has a very interesting history. This cave as a silent witness where Allah gives his revelation to Prophet Muhammad SAW through the angel Gabriel the first time.