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Question and Answer about Paint Problems!

Sometimes painted walls have problems and are damaged. To reduce this risk you should do the correct painting technique as can be done by onemanandabrush.com. Besides what else should we do to care for paint the walls of the house? Well, here’s the review!

Why do small brown mushrooms often appear on walls? Mushrooms arise because the walls are still damp when painted. There is no solution for moldy walls except to repaint them. Before repainted, moldy walls first sprayed fungicide and allowed to stand for 24 hours then brushed and cleaned with water to make chemicals disappear.

What causes wall whitewash and how to solve it? The main cause of whitewash walls is the use of low-quality paints that contain lots of “flour”. If you want to repaint the whitewash walls, clean the wall surface first with a damp cloth to remove the chalk layer, then seal it with a new sealer and paint.