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Simple facts you must know about dental implants

Dental implants are teeth that are planted in place of the original tooth. Dental implants (dental implants) are generally made of titanium so that it can blend with the bone and serve as a dent refuse. Have you ever thought of putting new teeth in place of your already damaged teeth? Now the technology in dentistry has developed and can be a solution for you so you no longer hesitate to smile broadly with good tooth structure. A good technology or method is the installation of dental implants, which are being used by the professionals like the orthodontist Winnipeg.

Basically, dental implants are not new, but the use of dental implants has been introduced since the 1960s ago. Dental implants function to replace the roots of teeth with artificial material that was originally initiated by Prof Per Ingvar Branemark from Sweden. Branemark makes dental implants from the titanium material so that it can blend with the jawbone and serves as a support partner’s teeth. The implanted titanium is inserted into the gum bone.

In line with the times, there are a variety of dental implants that can be selected according to the conditions or abilities of patients who want to put teeth.

The planting process

Dental implants are not only installed separately and independently, but implants can also be used to strengthen tooth structure and make other teeth stronger. In addition, the installation of dental implants can also be a solution to repair the gum layer due to tooth decay. There are several popular types of implants, the root-like implants called the root shape implants and one-piece implants called one-piece implants.

Once the implant is implanted in the patient, the dental installation will take place sometime afterward depending on bone strength below the patient’s gums. If the patient has strong bone gums, then the installation of teeth can be done which is commonly termed immediate loading procedure. In some countries there are some rules in the installation of dental implants if they are based on installation time:
Implants are installed immediately after the tooth is removed
Post-implant installation delay, generally for 2 weeks to 3 months
Installation of implants 3 months after tooth removed