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Avoid These Two Things To Get Good Body Resistance

A good daya tahan tubuh will make you excited about every activity you do. If your body is experiencing pain, then all the things you should do become dormant. For that, having a good Body Resistance becomes a very important thing for your body. There are some things that can make your immune system become decreased even you can get sick because of these things, some of these things are

1. Sleep deprivation
The body that has just undergone various activities and exhausting activities must get enough sleep. You should not be short of sleep if you want to have a good body endurance. Keep your sleep time around 8 hours each day.

2. Too Much Sugar Consuming
Sugar levels are too much in the body will not make the body to be healthy and vice versa will make the body becomes easily limp and lazy to do something. Keep your blood sugar levels by not eating too sweet foods.