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How to play games on laptops safely

Playing games on a laptop isn’t a bad idea. However, the bad things start happening when you don’t know how to avoid the damage that might be caused by this habit, especially if you play a game on a low-spec laptop for too long. Therefore, we’d like to share with you 3 tips for playing your games on laptops safely. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out 13 inch gaming laptops 2018 to know the recommended laptops for gaming this year.

1. Do not unplug the battery while you play a game on a laptop

This is a common thing for laptop users when playing games. Usually, they remove the laptop battery and connect the laptop directly to the adapter/charger (commonly called AC Mode). And I have also repeatedly discussed this issue in my previous posts. I need to explain again.

Unplug the battery, may make your battery more durable or not easily wasteful. It is true. But what about your laptop? If you use the laptop in the state of AC Mode, the power that goes into the laptop will directly ‘attack’ your laptop without any filters. As I have already explained, the battery functions not only as a power supply but as a filter that ‘inhibits’ so that the power that goes into the mainboard is not too big. A power that is too large will damage the components on the motherboard.

2. Install the compatible game with your laptop

If your laptop specification laptop only allows your friend to play Angry Birds game, do not force to play PES 2015. If my friend plays a game that is too heavy for your laptop, then your laptop will also work 2x or even many times heavier, and it will make the age of your laptop will be shorter.

3. Do not play a game on your laptop for too long

Perhaps this is the most difficult. Because most people have forgotten the time if it has plunged in excitement when you play. Try, limit the time you play a game on the laptop. If you use CoolPad, maybe the maximum time is 3 hours. But if you do not use CoolPad, do not play a game on laptops more than 3 hours.