Survival gears that help you make fire

Survival kits falling into this category are goods that can be used to create fires that can be used to cook or warm the body, which fall into this category are going to be shared to you this time. In the meantime, you can click here to see the home-made solvent traps for the preppers who prefer to use guns during dangerous times.

Here are the tools that you must have:

Stone match (Ferrocerium / Ferro rod),

Matches Wood stored in a waterproof place (photo film container etc), Cigarette gas (preferably a windproof match or cold like a Zippo lighter),

Sunflower pneumatic fire from the sun (Solar Spark Lighter), serves as a source of fire maker,

Cotton or pads (preferably stored in waterproof containers, wrap films, or stored waterproof plastic bags, or can be simply made of large straws with both ends sealed). Serves as a material to light a fire,

Fuel Petroleum Jelly (jelly fuel),

Magnesium Bar (Magnesium rod),


Candles, for nighttime lights.