Doing Sports without Warming? Here The Risks That May Appear!

Before playing lacrosse, make sure you use the best lacrosse sticks for youth. In addition, not warming up before exercising lacrosse can cause you to get injured. Besides, you will also get these kinds of risks!

1. Increase the risk of injury
Not enough warm up before exercise can lead to less blood flow to the muscles, so the muscles are less ready in providing energy to perform the movements while you exercise.

2. Decrease performance
The warm-up can help prepare your body slowly before exercise. This can gradually improve blood circulation and heart rate, so that the joints loosen and the blood flow received muscle becomes increased. It makes your body more ready for the exercise, and your muscle energy reserves are more available to support the muscles when exercising. So that your performance while doing sports can be more awake.

3. You are less ready to do sports
In terms of mental, people who do not warm up are usually less ready to do sports, especially sports that are heavy or done in a long time. Warming is a good opportunity for you to prepare mentally for the sport.